55 images, 2010

In Central Europe during World War II, humanity experienced an unprecedented point of fusion in its history which showed that it carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction. In turn, as many have said or demonstrated, this moment has opened a time in which every life and every act of creation has now another value.
This work is an attempt to say that although this epoch is growing distant and slowly disappearing from our sight, it nonetheless still exists; it is still here, but in other ways. The world is not the same anymore; it stores its own experience — and it recorded the moment when its own energy was fractured. I want to reveal this past that rises to the surface and permeates our present, making it what it is. This past that Primo Levi described when he spoke of the people that were left behind in the camps at the end of the war: “The ghost army still lingering there was composed of Geheimnisträger, bearers of secrets...” I want to find these images, the bearers of secrets.

With the images comes a text by Paul-Louis Roubert you can read here.
This work is also a book project you can see here.